Story Of Mesh | Mesh Tea Azerbaijan


A great passion!

The story of Mesh starts with the word “passion”. Mesh packets are designed for tea and coffee lovers. They offer them the same brewed tea or coffee aroma from their breakfast table at any time of the day. The teas and coffees that are selected by our tea and coffee experts from the most prestigious farms all around the world are blended to your taste in this unique package.



More convenient packaging!

Mesh brings all the globally shared benefits of tea and coffee into our daily lives, in a modern and convenient way. Mesh takes the form of a stick, so it’s easy for you to handle and stir and because of this unique design you no longer need to use a spoon.



Mesh inherits both its name and its secret from its “brewing holes”!

The “Mesh” name comes from the filtering package of the product. Tea and coffee grains inside  the package are brewed by the hot water running through.  The brewed tea or coffee then passes through these brewing holes into the hot water itself.



“Practical tea and coffee pleasure” experience is exactly this! “No drips, no mess!”

As soon as you contact the package of Mesh with its brewing holes to the hot water, you will begin to watch the brewing moment. After keeping MEsh in hot water and stirring like aspoon for 3 to 5 minutes according to your brewing preferences, you will continue to taste the aroma of the tea or coffee from your breakfast all day long.